Treatments & Prices

Treatment Price
Gel Polish (Hands/Toes) £25.00
Gel Polish (inc. Removal) £27.00
Gel Toes (inc. Removal) £27.00
File & Polish £12.00
Enhancement Removal £12.00
Full Set of Acrylic from: £35.00
Acrylic Infills £27.00
Acrylic Removal & Gel Polish £30.00
Acrylic Removal & Fresh Set £42.00
Gel Removal £5.00
Gel Removal & Nail Treatment £10.00
Infills from: £25.00
BIAB £30.00
BIAB Infills £27.00


Some of our latest work shown below. Please click to enlarge images.


  • Always where gloves when doing any house hold chores.
  • Apply cuticle oil as directed by your nail tech this will promote healthy nail growth.
  • Never file the free edge of your nails once the gel polish has been applied. This will cause the seal to break and water or oil can get in between your nail and the gel causing it to bubble and peel away from the nail. Moisture can also get trapped in there.
  • Always get your gels properly removed by your nail tech. Picking and pulling or badly removed gels can cause your own nail damage.

Making sure you follow your nail techs advice for regular appointments to maintain your gel polish will always mean you’re getting the best from the service. Leaving the gel polish on too long will create your nail to become unbalanced / top heavy. So when you catch them there is more chance of a breakage or splitting your nail.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Our aim is to ensure you leave the salon feeling and looking your very best!

*All deposits are non transferable or refundable if the appointment is cancelled by the customer.
This is salon policy for all deposits / full payments required for selected treatments.*